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-Microcircuits The Interface between Neurons and Global Brain Function-

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Nanotechnology as bioelectronics turns people into a living multimedia machines

Bioelectronic implants in the human body go along with the tendency to commercialize the human body and treat humans as objects or as biomechanical platform, implants are by the European Commission, Group of Ethics considered as a potential threat to human dignity in some contexts.

In order to investigate further and get an understanding of the human brain, it is a necessity to study healthy brains (in vivo), where the brain is situated in it´s natural environment. This research is performed with bioelectronics, used as brain-machin-interface. In this virtual reaserch field (computer simulations), human rights don’t yet exist.

Some of today’s cutting-edge neuroscience advances in information technology and computational science are not yet announced. That is because the research includes criminal collection of data from humans used as biomedical platforms.  The global race to clone a human brain into a computer is a slavery project that is a crime towards human rights and traditional medical diagnostics.

Information and communication technology is right now on it’s way right in to the human brain and mind.

For example, Microsoft has already in 2004 a patent on a new kind of network: Your body. The software giant has received a U.S. patent for a “method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body.

Dehumanising factors. McGee (2008) points out that bioelectronics are one of the most important enabling technologies that can affect the current meaning of being human. She states, that: “In the future, if it becomes possible both to clone an individual and to implant a chip with the uploaded memories, emotions, and knowledge of the clone’s source, a type of immortality could be achieved”.

Neurosciences of today are carried out by multidisciplinary civilian-military research.
New technologies for “Home Land Security Systems” is progressing by using civilian citizens.

Progress in Neuroscience fuelled by new and advanced brain imaging techniques (Brain-computer-interface) to visualize processes in the human brain and to link these with specific types of human thinking is expected to provide a basis for rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mind reading/Synthetic Telepathy.

Mind reading and artificial intelligence can seriously threat and even damage your identity, privacy and autonomy. Thousens of citizens are already awere of these facts.

Future computers of ever-increasing size and power thanks to the continued validity of “Moore’s Law”. Nanotechnology holds the promise for a further continuation in the future when silicon technology reaches its limits. Ray Kurzweil estimates that human brain capacity is 100 billion neurons, with 1000 connections per neuron, conducting 200 calculations per second. Thus computers possessing the capacity of one human brain for $1000 dollars should be available by 2023. The price should drop to a single cent by 2037. A computer with the brain capacity of the human race for $1000 should be available by 2049, with the price dropping to a single cent by 2059 (Kurzweil, 2001).

Society needs to create a general awareness in these issues. New laws are needed to protect humans from misuse of bioelectronics and illegal data collection.

There is already a lot of civilian-military hidden agendas going on to create human-like-artificial intelligence, brain-like computers, networks and software’s in cloud computing for automatic law enforcement and different kind of experiments for mind control.

Bioelectronic brainchips may not only give rise to concerns with regards to evil dictatorships but also in democratic societies given the potentials of manipulation of the mind.

Human rights that once were created to protect humans against illegal research and scientist experiments don’t cover the field of nanotechnology, bioelectronics, illegal data collection and simulating brains in computers.

Bioelectronics will in the future be even more invisible, for part of our lives the technology in some sense will be a much more unnoticeable part of our everyday lives.

Bioelectronics will be integrated in our lives very deeply. Already you can have bioelectronic solutions that are either inside human beings, used as wearable or that are surrounding us without anyone else than the “user” or “controller” themselves knowing about these technologies.

Bioelectronics and cloud computing makes it possible to monitor every aspect of human life and various environments in invisible ways.

Bioelectronics also represents new solutions for diagnoses of previously uncured diseases or injuries. In that sense bioelectronic are just as a new medicine for treatment of human beings.

Control over your body and mind. With bioelectronic applications, it is possible to even control individuals remotely over internet.

Communication between humans and a machine is called Synthetic Telepathy or Silent Talk.  Synthetic Telepathy is a communication system that uses thoughts, not speech. Synthetic Telepathy includes communication with emotions and physical status.

Civil-Military hidden research agendas exist to be able to on-line connect human brains with bioelectronics to study consciousness  and to “reverse engineer the brain”.

This research can be carried out on the civilian population without informed consent.

Data Protection, Surveillance and Privacy A large amount of sensors and data mining can adapt to any persons preferences. The main question is: Who is in control of the personal data collected by the bioelectronic sensors and who has access to it? The Goverment? A hospital? The military? An operator? A hacker? Bioelectronic technologies have great surveillance potential and can therefore cause privacy issues. All such use of private profiles needs to be protected.

Help the world to distinguish between good ethical research and bad unethical research by information.

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