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Sweden’s Innovation Agency 100 million invested in cutting-edge information and communication technologies

VINNOVA – Sweden’s Innovation Agency

VINNOVA 100 million invested in cutting-edge information and communication technologies

Press release, 2008-04-18

In a new VINNOVA venture funded ten cutting-edge technology solutions in information and communication technology with 100 million. Projects These include optical communications, advanced multimedia technologies for healthcare and wireless sensor networks.

The initiative “Pioneering ICT” finances the development of pioneering technological achievements in embedded systems, software and hardware. In the long term, projects should provide successful commercial solutions for the Swedish systems industry. A total of ten projects funded by 100 million during 2008-2010.

- The projects that we are now focusing on spanning key areas where Swedish industry has traditionally been strong but we continue to need to be even stronger in order to be internationally competitive, says Jonas Wallberg, Unit Manager at VINNOVA.

The selection has been made in close cooperation with a large number of representatives from industry and academia. Total applied for 90 projects of about 800 million.

At KTH financed four projects with just over 37 million. At Chalmers financed three projects with more than 34 million. Moreover funded a project at Uppsala University with almost 10 million, a project at Linköping University with 6 million and a project at Acreo in Kista with just over 12 million.

Funded projects:

Networked Embedded Control Systems, KTH (10,256,000 €)
The development of wireless network-based control system that can be expanded to large complex systems. Contact: Karl Henrik Johansson, KTH.

Quantum cascade lasers for telecommunications, Chalmers (12,465,000 €)
The development of quantum cascade lasers for telecommunications, focusing large bandwidth. Contact: Thorvald Andersson, Chalmers.

Search and real-time analysis of large amounts of streaming data, Uppsala University (9.84 million EUR)
Development of distributed software for large-scale search and analysis of streaming data, focusing on data streams from distributed and mobile sensors. Contact: Tore Risch, Uppsala University.

Advanced optical technologies for access and transportation, Chalmers (9 000 000)
Development of key technologies for optical communications, with a focus on coherent communication. Contact: Magnus Karlsson, Chalmers.

Ultra Low-Effect Built-in Wireless System for Medical Telemetry and Tele Care, Linköping University (6 000 000)
Development of wireless implants for monitoring and diagnosis of patient health, with a focus on low energy consumption. Contact: Atila Alvandpour, Linköping University.

Högtemperaturelektroniska systems entirely in silicon carbide for electric vehicles, Acreo (12.06 million EUR)
Development of electronic components based on silicon carbide, with a focus on thermal resistance. Contact: Mietek Bakowski, Acreo.

Function-enhancing technology for embedded systems with application in advanced medical processes, KTH (8730000)
Development of including mulitmediateknik for new diagnostics in the healthcare sector, for example, based on sensation and pattern matching. Contact: Kristina Groth, KTH.

Platform for MMIC-based THz systems, Chalmers (12 900 000)
Development of electronic circuits that can adapt to different applications, with a focus on frequencies above 100 GHz. Contact: Herbert Zirath, Chalmers.

RESENSE – Ultra-reliable high-throughput wireless sensor networks, KTH (7,747,813 SEK)
The development of wireless sensor networks, focusing on security and robustness. Contact: Mikael Johansson, KTH.

Electronic biomolekylsensor, KTH (10950000)
Development of sensor systems for the healthcare sector, based on nanostructures. Contact: Jan Linnros, KTH.

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