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Defence Research: Nanotechnology, A Cloud of Dust Listens to You!

Defence Research: Nanotechnology
A Cloud of Dust Listens to You!

FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency:

Miniaturization is one of the most powerful technology trends. Nanotechnology is here providing new materials with new properties. And micro-system technology providing sensors small as grains of dust or antennas only one thousandth of a millimeter in size (for optical frequencies). Or components so small that they can connect in nontrivial fashion to the brain. Shaking hands/talking with the brains minutest parts.

Sensors small as dust. Or components which can connect themselves to the nervous system. Miniaturization is a powerful technology trend.

What can be done with a lot of money in U.S. laboratories is one thing. Another thing is what can be realized in the form of cheap everyday objects.

The common-sense definition of Miniaturization is that a component or system has become smaller while performing at least as well.
Or it could be something built out of very small parts resulting in a new or improved function.

Another important concept in addition to nanotechnology, microsystems technology.
The researchers are talking about components plugged into the nervous system that can talk to the brain. These components would help the soldier to extract his subconscious.

The soldier sees more than he thinks. The small components would capture the information that would otherwise be missed.

The boundary between technology and biology is blurred and biology and technology are converging.

One can imagine solutions to change the body’s biological systems, such as modifying the biochemistry and compensate for the lack of sleep.
Or to take control of the nervous system of an animal, thereby creating biological UAVs. (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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